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About this trip …

Join Nathan Johnson on this incredible 12-day adventure in the Holy Land. Not only will you see ancient Biblical sites but you will see and understand the Word of God at a depth unlike ever before. The Word truly comes alive and "in color."


  • – NRJohnson
    I've studied the Bible for years but a 10-day trip to Israel in 2016 opened up Scripture in ways I could never have imagined. Even a year later, I read the Bible differently—having walked in and experienced many of the places I read about. It ranks amongst one of the greatest things I have ever done in my life … and I'd love for you to experience the same thing.
    – NRJohnson

Highlights …

  • Biblical teaching (Ellerslie style) in historical and cultural context
  • Walk in the footsteps of Jesus, Peter, Paul, David, Elijah, Joshua, and so many others 
  • Climb the Mountain of Giants (Mount Hebron)
  • Take a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee
  • Evening worship and reflection
  • Optional baptism in the Jordan River
  • Swim in the Dead Sea
  • Visit the Israel Museum with the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit and the scale model of Jerusalem during the time of Jesus
  • Pray in the Garden of Gethsemane
  • Take communion at the tomb of Jesus
  • Prepare for the trip with a devotional study written by Nathan
  • Receive an Ellerslie exclusive Israel travel/study notebook (contains facts and details about each place, Scripture passages from each location for easy reference, session notes, etc)
  • An experience you will never forget

Schedule • Locations You'll Visit

Israel Brochure Download PromoDAY 1-2 – TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13-14

  • Denver » Frankfurt » Tel Aviv (Leave Denver International Airport for our connecting flights to Tel Aviv, arriving Wednesday evening. Meals served on board.)
  • Overnight Hotel: Leonardo Art (Tel Aviv)


  • Mt. Carmel (1 Kings 18:1-40) – Elijah and the prophets of Baal
  • Megiddo (The Valley of Armageddon)
    • Bronze Gate
    • Water shaft/tunnel
  • Jaffa
    • The Jaffa Port (Jonah 1)
    • Simon the Tanner’s House (Acts 10)
    • Statue of Faith
    • View of Tel Aviv
  • Caesarea (Acts 10 & 25)
    • Theater
    • Herod’s Palace
    • Harbor
    • Hippodrome
    • Aqueduct
  • Overnight Hotel: Ma'agan Kibbutz (on the southern side of the Sea of Galilee)


  • Mt. Tabor (The Transfiguration) (Matthew 17)
  • The Jordan River
  • Mount of Beatitudes (Matthew 5-7)
  • Bethsaida (Matthew 11:21)
  • Cana (John 2)
  • Nazareth Village – (experience 1st Century Israel)
  • Nazareth (hometown of Jesus)
    • Mary’s Well
    • Synagogue (Luke 4)
    • Church of Annunciation
    • Church of St. Joseph
  • Capernaum
    • Peter’s House
    • The Synagogue Jesus preached in
  • Overnight Hotel: Ma'agan Kibbutz (on the southern side of the Sea of Galilee)


  • Chorazin (Matthew 11:21)
  • Hozor
  • Golan Heights
  • Mt. Hermon
  • Caesarea Philippi (Matthew 16:13-20)
  • Magdala (hometown of Mary of Magdala)
    • synagogue
  • Sea of Galilee boat ride
    • “Jesus Boat” Museum 
  • Overnight Hotel: Ma'agan Kibbutz (on the southern side of the Sea of Galilee)


  • Ein Harold/Gideon’s Springs (Judges 7:1-8)
  • Mt. Gerizim (Deuteronomy 28-30; Joshua 8:30-35)
  • Shiloh (Joshua 18; 1 Samuel 1)
  • Beit Shean (1 Samuel 31:8-31) 
    • Palladius
    • The Agora
  • Sychar (John 4)
    • Jacob's Well
  • Arrive in Jerusalem- overnight in Jerusalem (Ambassador Hotel)


  • Jericho
  • Masada
  • En Gedi (1 Samuel 24:1-22) (where David hid from Saul)
    • Visit the synagogue
    • Walk past caves, to waterfall
  • Qumran
    • The Dead Sea Scrolls (the Essenes)
  • The Dead Sea
    • Swim (float) and take a mud bath
  • Overnight: in Jerusalem (Ambassador Hotel)


  • Herodium
  • Bethlehem (Matthew 1:18-25)
    • Church of the Nativity
    • Olive Wood Shopping 
  • Bethlehem Shepherd’s Field
    • Caves
    • Psalm 23 View of Valley
  • Israel Museum
    • The Dead Sea Scrolls
    • The scale model
  • Overnight: in Jerusalem (Ambassador Hotel)


  • The Temple Institute Tour 
  • The Garden of Gethsemane (Matthew 26)(John 18)
  • The Mount of Olives (Matthew 24) (Acts 1)
    • Jewish Cemetery (includes the tombs of the prophets Malachi & Haggai)
    • The Palm Sunday walk down to Garden
    • View from Dominus Flevit (Jesus Wept)
  • Western [Wailing] Wall
    • Rabbi's Tunnel
  • Mt. Zion
    • The Upper Room (1 Corinthians 11) (Pentecost)
    • Tomb of King David
  • Caiaphas’ House
    • Steps up to the house
    • Dungeon which held Jesus (Matthew 26:57-68)
    • Peter disowns Jesus (Matthew 26:69-75)
  • Overnight: in Jerusalem (Ambassador Hotel)


  • Lachish (Joshua 10)
  • Elam (Valley of Elah)
    • the field where David slew Goliath
    • view the area where the Cave of Adullum is thought to be
  • Beersheba
    • Abraham’s well
  • Hebron (Mountain of Giants)
    • burial place of Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob, Leah
    • Caleb takes the mountain and drove out the three sons of Anak (Joshua 14)
    • David was crowned king over Israel (2 Samuel 5)
  • Overnight: in Jerusalem (Ambassador Hotel)


  • The Pools of Bethesda (John 5)
  • Zedekiah’s Tunnel
  • Temple Mount
  • The Old City of Jerusalem
    • Tour Southern Wall Excavations (Steps to Double & Triple Gate) 
  • City of David Tour (2 Samuel) (2 Kings 2:20)(2 Chronicles 32)
    • King Hezekiah’s Tunnel (Flashlight needed)
    • The Pool of Siloah
    • Gihon springs
  • The Via Dolorosa (Mark 15)
    • The Sisters of Zion Convent (See pavement spot where Jesus was tried by Pilate)
    • The Ecce Homo Arch (Behold the Man) (John 19:5)
    • Walking the “Way of the Cross”
    • 4 Quarters (Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Armenian)
    • The Cardo (Heart of Old City)
  • Golgotha (place of the skull) – crucifixion site
  • The Garden Tomb (Communion service) (Luke 2)
  • Overnight: in Jerusalem (Ambassador Hotel)


  • Tel Aviv » Munich » Denver (Leave Israel for our connecting flights back to Denver. Meals served on board.)


Trip Details

We are purposely limiting this trip to 34 people.

Note: Unfortunately, we are currently full for the 2018 trip. You can still see the details below – and can sign up to be notified of our next trip in 2019.



  • $3950 (from Denver)
    • Includes:
      • international flights (flights to and from Denver International Airport to Israel)
      • deluxe airconditioned bus transportation in Israel
      • lodging (handpicked hotels in Israel … based on double-occupancy) — accommodations: this price is based on first class hotels with double occupancy (two people per room … each room has two beds)—if you wish a single occupancy room (a room by yourself) there is an additional cost of $751.
      • all tips & taxes
      • Israeli tour guide with us the entire time
      • buffet (all-you-can-eat) breakfast and dinner
      • entrance fees into all location sites we are visiting
      • pre-trip devotional study to prepare your heart and mind for the trip
      • the Ellerslie exclusive Israel 2018 travel/study notebook and sessions
      • Israel 2018 Travel Journal
      • countless memories
      • a few additional surprises (but as you know, Ellerslie likes to keep certain things secret)
    • Does NOT Include (ie: you are responsible for):
      • your transportation to Denver/Ellerslie Campus (transportation is provided from the Ellerslie campus to the Denver Airport and back to the Ellerslie campus)
      • any passport expenses
      • lunches during the trip (lunches cost approximately $10-15/meal … and of course you can always eat a big breakfast, bring trail mix or other snacks with you, and eat a big dinner)
      • any souvenirs you wish to purchase


Payment Schedule [Total: $3950]

  • $500 deposit due upon registration
  • + $1725 due 10 days after registration
  • + $1725 due by January 10
  • + Travel Protection Plan is additional if you decide to have it (see below) – $176 due by January 10



Maranatha Tours recommends you purchase the Tour Protection Plan. This plan provides coverage for your non-refundable tour costs and cancellation fees should you have to cancel or interrupt your trip due an unforeseen covered reason. This plan provides important benefits such as: Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption, Emergency Medical and Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation, Trip Delay, Baggage Delay, and more. Any specific questions regarding the protection plan, needs to be directed to Travelex Insurance Services as we are a third party provider. Please contact Travelex at 1-888-215-8334 and refer to the PRODUCT ID 246A 0114.

  • Tour Protection Plan Cost: $176
  • Plan Benefits — Maximum Coverage Per Person
    • Trip Cancellation — tour cost
    • Trip Interruption — tour cost
    • Travel Delay — $150/day up to $500
    • Baggage & Personal Effects — $1000
    • Baggage Delay — $200
    • Emergency Medical Expense — $15,000
    • Emergency Medical Evacuation/Repatriations — $100,000



Before registering, please read Marantha Tours Inc's terms and conditions as you will be held to them.

Note: This official Ellerslie/BraveheartedChristian trip to Israel is working with Marantha Tours Inc. who is handling our travel bookings, logistics, etc. Thus once you register you may receive communication from both Ellerslie and Marantha Tours Inc.

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