Advancing Upon Our Knees

Advancing Upon Our Knees (Prayer)

When was the last time you truly spent time on your knees praying for something? Not the quick little prayer uttered before  meal or the “good night prayer” offered before your head hits the pillow. When was the last time you spent time in a real labor of prayer?

The church today is marked by prayerlessness and I wonder if it is because we have forgotten that prayer is actually powerful and effective. It moves mountains, changes nations, and transforms cultures. In short, prayer is powerful.

And yet, if our prayer lives were examined, any onlooker would likely conclude the opposite – they would discover something that is nonexistent or lacking any vigor, passion, or belief.

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A Timelapse Video of Norway … that will make you want to praise God and take a vacation


In Psalm 19:1 it reads: “The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork.” Isn’t it an incredible thought that creation is declaring something? Creation doesn’t sit idly by, it is actively participating in the purpose and plan of God. Psalm 97:6 also says that the “heavens declare His righteousness, and all the peoples see His glory.”

We discover in Romans that God’s invisible attributes are clearly seen through creation (see Romans 1:20) and that creation is groaning with anticipation for the restoration at the end of time (see Romans 8).

I came across this video the other day of a time-lapse of Norway. I have seen pictures of Norway’s beautiful fjords (inlets of water set against steep mountain cliffs – see the picture above) but this video was breathtaking. It caused me to ponder the Psalms (creation singing forth praise) and realize that even this beauty is longing to see its restoration (made even better and more beautiful).

Take a couple moments and be captivated by God’s handiwork. But be warned, watching this video may cause you call a travel agent and book tickets for next summer.

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Do you get confused reading Scripture?

Confused Reading Scripture

Have you ever read the Bible and got lost in what it said? Have you ever journeyed its corridors and seemed to step into a “room” you weren’t sure what to do with?

With great simplicity, Billy Sunday, the early-1900s evangelistic preacher, talks about walking through Scripture and seeing the flow leading up to Christ. If you have ever felt lost in Scripture, perhaps Sunday’s journey will bring you encouragement and cause an excitement to crack its pages once again.

I entered through the portico of Genesis and walked down through the Old Testament’s art gallery, where I saw the portraits of Joseph, Jacob, Daniel, Moses, Isaiah, Solomon and David hanging on the wall; I entered the music room of the Psalms and the Spirit of God struck the keyboard of my nature until it seemed to me that every reed and pipe in God’s great organ of nature responded to the harp of David, and the charm of King Solomon in his moods.

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Desiring a Dagger to the Heart

This is an “encore” post (one of my first posts brought back to light … and edited). Though several years old, this post still stirs me. May its words (and the great insight from Leonard Ravenhill) stir your soul today.

I know this sounds a bit odd, but I love being under the conviction of Almighty God. To be pressed under the thumb of Jesus, to have His piercing gaze and illuminating light bearing forth in my soul. Yet I have found throughout Christendom today, we would rather run and hide from God (see Genesis 3.8-11) than stand in His Presence, holiness, justice, and love. Well . . . we might want to stand in the love . . . if we define what “love” means.

What is so wrong with conviction anyway? We run and hide as if such revealing and painful penetration will end our lives. And in fact, that is exactly what it does. The conviction of God presses the life of the believer for the purpose of removing all selfish and sinful residue from their life. Nothing is held back or hidden. Everything is exposed before Jesus for Him to do with it as He desires. This inevitably means a death to our nature- and replacing it with the very Presence of Jesus Himself. Even the smallest – and what may appear as the most insignificant – area of our lives must be transformed into His likeness. As Paul said, “I no longer live, but Christ lives in me” (Galatians 2.20).

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The Word of God has Come!

The Word of God has Come

Throughout Scripture we have several incredible statements where the Word of God came to someone and spoke. I have no doubt this was true, but all growing up I assumed the individual heard a booming voice and “heard” the voice of God. However, when you look at the passages, though that would be a legitimate understanding, it appears something more is happening. Take a look at Abraham:

After these things the word of the LORD came to Abram in a vision, saying, “Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your exceedingly great reward.” 
Genesis 15:1

The word that we translate “vision” is only used four times in the Old Testament and each time it is used, it conveys the idea of someone seeing something. The root word itself means to see, look, and behold.

When the Word of God came to Abraham in a vision, it wasn’t something he merely heard, but something he saw and interacted with. Though I cannot conclusively prove it, my opinion is that Abram saw Jesus (the Word of God).

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