Spurgeon’s Secret to Enjoy Reading Your Bible


Do you wake up excited to read Scripture?

Do you rush home at night to dive into its Truths?

Would you like to learn a oft-forgotten secret that guarantees a greater love and passion for the Word?

The great preacher Charles Spurgeon gave this advice for how to enjoy Bible reading …

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Need a Smile? Watch this old man dance …

I absolutely love to laugh, smile, and find joy in the little things.

Last night while working on a few projects, I stumbled across this short film of an old man showing off for the camera. Not what I expected, I smiled big as I watched this man twirl about on the dance floor. It just goes to show you’re never too old.

Need a smile? Then you should take a moment and watch this …

And as a reminder, we are giving away a few copies of Amy Carmichael’s book God’s Missionary tomorrow, chosen from those who give us questions, ideas, and feedback (read Monday’s post here to learn more).

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Give a Penny, Take a Penny


Have you ever been to a gas station and seen the little penny containers next to the cash register? The concept is if you need a penny (or two), you can use them and the next time consider leaving a few coins for the next person. It’s a “give a penny, take a penny.”

I would like to have a give a penny, take a penny day on the blog.

Over the last few months, things have been a whirlwind as I’ve helped launch a new training program at Ellerslie, been in the midst of several major – and exciting – projects (coming soon!), and have traveled to half a dozen states for a variety of reasons.

In the midst of it all, I’ve also been working on a new design for the relaunch of deeperChristian (in a couple weeks). Though the blog posts have been slow in coming lately, there have been some exciting things in the works (including the launch of deeperChristian book reviews … which we have been intending to get started for some time).

Besides a new look and format, we have been working on themes to write about over this next year. Which is where YOU come in!

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Living Different in Different Circumstances


Always the same.

Have you ever met a person who changed their behavior based on circumstance or people they are with? How they live on Friday night is drastically different than how they live on Sunday morning. How they behave around the office is in contrast with how they behave with their buddies.

The simple word for that is duplicity, or perhaps better yet, hypocrisy. There are contrasting behaviors coming from the same individual, they are not constant, never the same.

AW Tozer once talked about the preacher who lived a different life in the pulpit than everywhere else. He said:

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July & August 2014 Book Giveaway


The very foundation of the Christian life is a simple yet overwhelming concept – absolute surrender.  God does not ask us to live the “Christian Life,” He asks us to live in complete surrender and dependency upon Him so HE can live His life through us.  In his short treatise Absolute Surrender, Andrew Murray exposes the essence, fullness, and greatness of a life lived in such a position.

Andrew Murray states, “Every one of us is a temple of God, in which God will dwell and work mightily on one condition – absolute surrender to Him. God claims it, God is worthy of it, and without it God cannot work His blessed work in us. God not only claims it, but God will work it Himself.”

If you desire to understand why your life is lacking, why you’re not living in continuous victory, or have an inkling for the fullness of the Spirit, Absolute Surrender is a must read.

Because I will be speaking at a camp at the first of next month, we are going to combine the giveaway for July/August and give away EIGHT copies of a two-in-one book containing Absolute Surrender and Humility, two of my favorite Andrew Murray books.

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