The Need to Cultivate Daily Intimacy with Jesus


I’m not married as of yet (and no, I’m not taking applications or set-ups either … at least at this time), but I do know that to have intimacy with someone requires a purposeful cultivation of daily intimacy.

Can you imagine a husband who schedules flowers and chocolates to arrive at the house every week but never tells his wife he loves her? While the wife may want the sweet morsels and stunning centerpiece, those should be the outflow of love not the replacement for it.

I once heard the story of a wife who went up to her husband and said, “Why don’t you ever tell me you love me anymore?” The husband, a bit perplexed, looked at his wife and replied, “I told you I loved you when I married you and if it ever changes I’ll let you know.”

The reality of marriage is that it should get better over time – the depth, love, and intimacy should grow more beautiful and rich – but the only way that can happen is to cultivate daily intimacy with your spouse.

The same is true with Jesus.

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The Jesus Pusher Book


I am sitting here holding a proof copy of a new book I helped publish. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this release!

Since 2009, Stephen Manley – one of my good friends and mentors – has been writing a weekly “Jesus Pusher email.” Now for the first time, we have taken the first 365 Jesus Pushers and have combined them into a yearly devotional entitled: The Jesus Pusher – a 365 day exploration of Jesus. Stephen writes:

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Why I Refuse to Live My Life … and think you should join me


Most of Christianity today is lived out of self-effort. Growing up in America, I’ve heard from a young age the concepts that

  • we can do anything we want
  • we need to pick ourselves up by the boot straps
  • we can be a self-made success

While it all sounds great, it’s not Biblical. I’m not suggesting we throw out work ethic and diligence (those are both important and Biblical), but we have taken the concept of I’m going to do it all and brought it into Christianity.

Christianity isn’t about what I can do for God, it’s about what He wants to do through me. And there is a radical difference.

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A Free Tozer Audiobook (November 2014 Only)

Nov14 Free Audiobook

I am a book fanatic; I am constantly reading something (here is my current reading list). But my love for audiobooks have been growing.

Audiobooks allow you to “read” when its normally not convenient to hold a book – say while driving, jogging, or other physical activities. It’s a great way to get through incredible books without having to flip pages.

Granted, not every narrator is worth listening to, but I’ve found a handful of great ones.

One of my favorite things at the start of the month is to check out’s free book of the month. Some of them are not worth downloading, but some are gems.

This is such a month!

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The Solution to a Dry, Depleted, or Desperate Life

The Solution to a Dry, Depleted, or Desperate Life

Have you ever felt dry, depleted, or desperate for something more in your Christian life?

I have too.

I grew up in church. Sunday school, flannel boards, long sermons – yep, they were all included. We were taught Bible stories from a young age, acted some of them out in church, attended Bible conferences, and even had special classes and seminars to teach us even more.

But it all was lacking. Something was missing. Surely there is something more than this, isn’t there?

Don’t get me wrong, the stuff listed above isn’t bad, in fact it is rather good. But it isn’t complete.

It’s not a secret, but I discovered what was missing soon after college while traveling with evangelist and preacher Stephen Manley.

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