Cast Aside the Green Superhero

A week ago, I was given opportunity to preach at the Church at Ellerslie in Windsor, CO. As we continued in Ephesians 4, we examined verses 26-27. What we discovered is that our lives are not to reflect the Green Superhero – in fact, he is to be cast aside. Not sure who I am referring to? Don’t be frustrated, watch the sermon …


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NRJohnson – Cast Aside the Green Superhero from Ellerslie Mission Society on Vimeo.

Hymnology: I’d Rather Have Jesus

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 10.23.47 PMOne of my favorite hymns from history past is “I’d Rather Have Jesus.” The words are incredibly powerful and what I greatly long for my life to exhibit.

This week one of my favorite music groups (Selah) released their new album – and its outstanding! And low and behold, guess what track number 9 is? Yep, you guessed it.

Take a look at these amazing words, and may they be the cry of your life today!

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6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Simulcasting the Bravehearted Man Conference Next Week!


At the end of next week (August 29-31, 2014), Ellerslie is hosting the annual Bravehearted Man Conference. Men from all over the nation will gather in Windsor, Colorado for a weekend of exhortation and encouragement. Eric Ludy, the president of Ellerslie Mission Society and the pastor at the Church at Ellerslie, will be giving seven sessions on what it looks like for God to build us as men and how that plays out in our marriages, families, churches, nation, and world.

Regardless of whether you have thought about attending, here are 6 reasons why you should consider signing up to watch the simulcast from the comfort of your home. And if you are a woman, I encourage you to read because number 5 is for you.

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7 Things I Learned While Preaching in Vermont


For the past couple weeks, I was in Vermont preaching at a family camp (one of my all-time favorite camps to be at!). As we celebrated the 116th anniversary of the camp’s existence, I reflected on a few of the things I learned while being there. While there were many memories and reflections, here are 7 things that first came to mind.


1. I Can Trust Jesus

Six hours before I flew to Vermont, I was in a meeting when a crazy rainstorm started. Within a few moments after it started, the street where our cars were parked began to fill with water and before we could move them, the water was above my license plate.

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Holiness & Righteousness (G. Campbell Morgan)

The old revivalist and preacher, G. Campbell Morgan, gives definition and clarity to two Christian buzzwords: holiness and righteousness. May your life be doused in both!


These two words, holiness and righteousness, mark two aspects of one condition. Holiness has to do with character; righteousness with conduct. They cannot possibly be separated from each other. They are as ‘intimately related as are root and fruit. There can be no fruit unless there be a root. If there be living root it must issue in fruit.

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