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Exposing the Written Word of God is to expose the Living Word of God. Nathan is a preacher captured by the calling of doing both. A life consumed with such passion is rare. Anyone giving himself to the Written and Living Word must be shaped by it; it is not a matter of preaching or teaching, but a matter of living! This is demonstrated in Nathan. 

— Dr. Stephen Manley

Speaking/Preaching Requests

Entrusting your pulpit or platform to someone you know little about takes prayerful discernment and wisdom.

It’s hard to find communicators of God’s Word today who are passionate about truth, Bible centered, and want to lift high the life and glory of Jesus Christ. In a culture which often tickles ears (see 2 Timothy 4:3-4), we need to return to biblical and Jesus-focused preaching and teaching—which communicates God’s Word with passion, not simply for information but for the purpose of life transformation. Someone who won’t point to themselves but to the clear Word of Scripture and to Jesus Christ.

I know the struggle of finding a great communicator of God’s Word—I’ve organized dozens of retreats, camps, conferences, and events and have spoken at hundreds of them. They may be difficult to find, but there are still many Bible-based, Jesus-focused preachers and teachers in the world today.

As a biblical preacher and teacher of the Word, my desire is to communicate the grand truth of Scripture, the glory of Jesus Christ, and the life-changing power of the Gospel to the world.

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A Little About Me

Though I grew up in church and had a love for God, in 2005 I had the incredible opportunity to travel with Dr. Stephen Manley, an itinerant evangelist, which turned my world upside-down. I discovered a passionate love for Jesus and the Word, and after a few preaching opportunities, I found a love for communicating truth.

Since then, I have spoken hundreds of times at churches, seminars, conferences, Christian schools, and teen and family camps. My audiences have ranged in size from a half dozen to thousands, and range from young to old, Christians and non-believers. I teach full-time at Ellerslie Discipleship Training and mentor dozens of young men from around the country in God’s Word and how to live the victorious Christian life.

I love to write, teach, and preach God’s Word. My passion is to help Christians discover and experience a passionate love for God and His Word so they can grow in their faith, live victorious lives, share the Gospel boldly, deepen their intimacy with Jesus, and transform the world through the indwelling life of Christ.

One of the clearest messages on holiness I’ve ever heard. 

Charles Davis, 73 year old retired pastor

What You Can Expect

As we prayerfully plan and prepare for your event, here is what you can expect from me:

  • Ongoing prayer (before, during, and after the event) for you, the audience, and the event itself
  • Prompt, courteous, and professional replies to phone calls and email messages
  • A prayerfully prepared and delivered message which is Bible-based and Christ-centered
  • Full engagement with the event planners and attendees during the course of the event

Most Requested Topics

  • How to study the Bible
  • Expositional studies from the book of Ephesians
  • Foundations for Christian Living
  • Basic Discipleship for the Christian Life
  • Living in Victory and Triumph
  • Grow in Intimacy with Jesus Christ
  • Obsession with and Dependence upon Jesus Christ
  • Dealing with Difficulty
  • Seeing Jesus and the Gospel throughout the Old Testament
  • Survey of the Bible
  • Godly Manhood

The best speaker I’ve listened to.

CJ Perkins, 14 year old teenager

Possible Formats

While I’m happy to tailor any message for your specific event or church service, here are a few formats that are often requested:

  • Church service / Single session (each message is flexible but usually averages 45-60 minutes)
  • Extended Single Session / Workshop (average 1–2 hours)
  • One Day Event (4–6 hours)
  • Weekend Event / Conference (2 hours Friday evening, 4–8 hours on Saturday, optional Sunday)
  • Conference / Church Revival Series (3–5 days, typically in the evenings)

Check my availability

Thank you for your interest in having me speak at your church or event. Please email me your request and include as much information as you are able. I typically respond with a couple of days.

Please note: because I teach full time at Ellerslie Discipleship Training, I am only able to take a limited amount of speaking/preaching requests throughout the year


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