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Frist off, thanks for getting a print copy of my book Knowing Jesus – it means more to me than you may know. In the appendix section of the book, there were several links listed – and contained on this page is a quick reference to all those links.

Know I am cheering you ever deeper into the life and knowledge (ginosko) of our King Jesus.


5 Simple Ways to Take Your Relationship with Jesus to the Next Level


1. Spend time with Jesus

As the cliché states, it’s not so much about quantity of time as it is about quality of time. But in your relationship with Jesus, you can have quality AND constant intimacy with Jesus since He lives inside you. It is possible to “pray without ceasing” as Paul commands in 1 Thessalonians 5.17. Learn more about this incredible reality in the deeperChristian article The Need to Cultivate Daily Intimacy with Jesus.



2. Learn how to “saturate” in His Word

Studying the Bible is more than punching a time clock—it is all about knowing Jesus and soaking in His Truth, allowing the author to reveal Himself to you. Saturation Bible Study goes beyond the normal academic study and purposely goes after Jesus to know (ginosko) Him intimately. This is one of the most central things in my life and has born a decade of growth and depth in me. Start learning what it means to saturate in God’s Word with this helpful overview entitled How to Study the Bible.



3. Become Obsessed

This entire book has talked about being obsessed with Jesus and increasing in love and passion for Him day by day. Many of us forget that we are created to be obsessed, and in truth, we all have something in our lives that we “obsess” over—shouldn’t that be Jesus? I recommend that you listen to Dr. Stephen Manley’s sermon Obsessed, which gives a handful of illustrations depicting how we are obsessed and what it means to be obsessed with Jesus.

Download the sermon “Obsessed” by Stephen Manley


4. Read good books

Reading Christian classics is a great addition to a believer’s life. Books like those listed below encourage your faith, challenge your soul, and press you into Jesus as they give you rich food for thought. You can download my recommended reading list, but the following books deal with a similar theme as this book:


5. Pour your life out to the world around you

The Christian life isn’t meant to be cooped up and hidden from the world. We are meant to pour our lives out for the world around us—just like Jesus did. Jesus was constantly pouring His life out—bleeding, suffering, and dying to serve those around Him. His words not only proclaimed the Gospel, His life showcased it! When you allow Jesus to invade your life through the indwelling Holy Spirit, He will not let you remain the same. He will use your life as a pen in His hand to effect change for His Kingdom and His glory. Want to read more? Check out the article called The Lifestyle of the Cross.



Bonus Ideas

This is a bit of self-promotion, but the following two ideas have greatly blessed, challenged, and enriched my life—so I thought I would share them with you.

6. Attend a conference

I love solid, Jesus-focused conferences! There is something about being in an environment with a group of like-minded believers that is encouraging. A conference that is not there for fluff but for the edification of the Christian is rare these days. Over the years I have preached at or been involved with the following conferences, all of which I highly recommend (follow the links for more information).


Cross Style Training Camp & Conference

This was the conference that originally changed my life. Started by evangelist Dr. Stephen Manley, this conference held every June (and a shorter version each January) is a week of intense discipleship, Biblical training, preaching, worship, and fellowship. Special teaching sessions are given each morning to dive into topics like Saturation Bible Study, the life of the believer, and understanding Biblical theology. This conference is free (housing and meals not included) and held not far from Nashville in Lebanon, Tennessee (simulcast options are available as well).

Learn more about the Cross Style Training Camp & Conference.


Bravehearted Man Conference [for men only]

The Bravehearted Man Conference (and simulcast) was started by Eric Ludy and is hosted yearly at the Ellerslie Campus in Windsor, Colorado. This conference is a weekend designed to stick the grit back in the Christian man, the pluck back in the preacher, the heart back in the father, the purpose back in the husband, and the life back in the believer. This conference pulls no punches and promises no comfort. It is not a retreat, but rather a call to the front lines of war, working to see men made ready in this hour of dire need to live strongly, suffer joyfully, and die triumphantly for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Learn more about the annual Bravehearted Man Conference.


Set-Apart Girl Conference [for women only]

The Set-Apart Girl Conference is a life-changing weekend for women of all ages. This conference will refresh and revive your spiritual walk and give you a vision for set-apart femininity that is both beautiful and practical—helping you exchange spiritual mediocrity for passionate devotion to Jesus Christ. This conference is hosted at the Ellerslie campus in Windsor, Colorado, and features the teaching of Leslie Ludy and often several guest speakers. If you cannot attend the conference live, you can watch online via simulcast.

Learn more about the annual Set-Apart Girl Conference.


7. Read and subscribe to the daily Quotes

It has been a deeply enriching experience for me to write about the Christian life and curate great Christian quotes on the deeperChristian websites. We have a multitude of ideas regarding where we want to take the website and ministry in the future, and our prayer is that it becomes a blessing, encouragement, and edification to your intimacy and relationship with Jesus.

deeperChristian blog/online magazine:

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On a final note, know that the deeperChristian community and I are cheering you ever deeper into the Person of Jesus Christ! May your life be all about Him.

Your friend and fellow companion on the Narrow Way,


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