Many of my favorite Christian men throughout history called themselves men of one book (the Bible), yet read countless books over their lifetimes. While I find tremendous value in reading books, there is no substitute for reading and studying the Word of God. If you desire to grow in your Christian life, you must start with the foundation of reading and studying God’s Word daily.

I’m a voracious reader who often gets asked what I’m in the middle of reading. To be truthful, I often read several books at the same time, oscillating between them depending on my mood. Some I pick up and read a chapter every few months, some I blaze through in a few hours.

Notes about the books listed below:

  • I tend to read from a wide range of genres. Though I mainly focus on classic Christian books to deepen and enrich my life and mind, I also read books on business, leadership, writing, communication, history, health, and fiction.
  • I typically read several books simultaneously. Since I consume books in physical, digital, and audio formats, I’m often bouncing between a variety of books and topics (see above bullet point).
  • I don’t necessarily recommend every book listed below. Because I read from a wide variety of authors and genres, there are times I come across a book that I may mention I’m reading but would not fully endorse (and therefore recommend that you always read with Biblical discernment and don’t take my reading list as “must read” books—for those, check out these recommendations).
  • Clicking the book cover will take you to that book on Amazon (buying it helps supports deeperChristian at no additional cost to you). If you choose to purchase any of these books, I encourage you to use these links. Amazon gives a portion of whatever you buy back to deeperChristian (at no additional cost to you). It’s a great way to support the work and ministry of deeperChristian and allows us the opportunity to create future resources.

You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.

CS Lewis

recently finished (updated Saturdays)

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When I get a little money, I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food and clothes.


all time favorites I return to again and again

[amazon-grid asin=”0802418619,B01E9KVPUA,0310332613,B06ZYC92Z7,B072T8HP8Q,0310240514,0310332613,1572930500,1572937718,0764229052,0736921648,0310334810,B008CLWD0Y,0875082025,1943592284,0875085334,0801064945,0875083234,0998726532,0842347100,” columns=”5″ fields=”lg-image,no button”]


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I want to read but don’t have time!

I understand. I do.

Though I don’t have a family, I often clock between 60-80 hours of ministry every week yet find time to read. In part that is because I make it a priority in my life. I fell in love with books when I was a kid and they have enriched my life in more ways than I can begin to describe.

The key to reading is to purposely do it.

We find time for things in our lives we deem important. Most of us spend several hours each day watching television and movies—surely you can sacrifice a little of that time to read a few pages. Even reading one book a month will be a huge benefit to your life within a year’s time: keeping your mind sharp, giving you a greater vocabulary, and giving you knowledge you may never have had.

Don’t make excuses. Find a great book and jump in.


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