Since May last, Stephen Manley has been releasing a weekly email entitled “Jesus Pusher.” Piercing, bold, convicting, uplifting, humorous, and focused, these emails have a single purpose – to push people deeper into Jesus.There have been two, in my opinion, that have risen upon the others and I wanted to share them with you. One is the very first Jesus Pusher, the other is the most recent (this week’s). May you be drawn and wooed ever deeper into Jesus as you read these words – and may you too become a Jesus Pusher!

Jesus Pusher 01

I am a Jesus pusher!!!! I am an undaunted, courageous, stouthearted, bold, adventuresome, brave, fearless, gallant, heroic, lionhearted, unafraid, unflinching, valiant Jesus pusher. I cannot help myself. He is startling and He has overwhelmed me. I do not speak of ideas about Jesus or historical information concerning Him. I speak about Him. I am a Jesus pusher!!!! I am a mastered, possessed, addicted and obsessed Jesus pusher. There seems to be no way to quit. But who would want to?

He is present in every situation of my life. There is no conversation in which I do not feel His presence. He participates in all my recreation. He is everywhere I go. Who would want to be without Him? He is the protection for my life. He is the fragrance I constantly smell. He is the flow of my spiritual blood giving me life. He is my constant nutrition making me healthy. I cannot survive without Him. I am a Jesus pusher!!!!

I want to push Him on you. I want you to join me in this obsession. You do not have to work at it; it is not a discipline. It is as natural as breathing. Please let Him pull you to His heart.


Jesus Pusher 26

I am a Jesus pusher!!! I am completely embarrassed with the energy I have spent pushing other things. I speak not of drugs, pornography, or materialism as some have done. If those pushers have been misled, how much more have I.

I have pushed heaven with its streets of gold and great mansions. I have become emotional over a place where pain and suffering will cease to exist. I have promoted a location instead of Him. Do not be offended. All that is said about such a place is true; but why did that thrill me more than Him?

I have pushed theology with great vigor. I have become convinced of certain ideas which became so elevated in my spiritual life I could not tolerate those who did not agree. I found myself being intolerant, unloving, and judgmental. Perhaps my belief was correct, but did it create an attitude unlike Him?

I became so accustomed to certain religious activities; they became my traditions. I strongly pushed them upon everyone. I promoted them as the solution to the needs of mankind. If only they would follow my example and adhere to my patterns. Young people infuriated me with new patterns and customs. It brought division and argument. How could my patterns of seeking Him become so large in my life they overshadowed His presence?

I am a Jesus pusher!!! I renounce everything but Him. Everything must come under His presence; it must be subordinate to His presence. I will know Him only. Will you join me as a Jesus pusher?

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