Couple days ago I was hanging with two of my favorite kiddos while trying to get a copier to work. While I was on the computer, four year old CJ ran up excited about wanting to type “CJ” on the keyboard. He was bouncing with giddiness when he asked where the “C” was. I pointed it out and he pushed it to his glee. After he pushed the “J,” I printed the page and told him to go grab it. He brought it back looking for its small inscription. When he found his name he wooed and ahhed, holding the paper to his chest declaring “ohh it’s amazing!” He would look at it again and then go into more ecstasy.

Isn’t it interesting how our names can draw our attention after being lost in thought, cause us to smile when a friend uses it, or provide great memories? Biblically, a name was far more than a mere label upon one’s person. It was used to describe the character and life of an individual. We see this to be true in the case of Jacob. Clinging to his brother’s heel when born, they named him Jacob, meaning just that. But it also had the meaning that he was a trickster or schemer, which we find out to be true as well. But in Genesis 32, after wrestling with God, Jacob is told – you shall no longer be called Jacob, but Israel (which meant: the one who wrestles with God). In other words, a person’s name described their life, character, and behavior.

As a Christian, we not only have a “new name” but we bare the name of Jesus. He is literally producing His life and character within us. His Name becomes ours. All that we are fades away so all that He is might be produced within us. In one of his early studies, my friend, Eric Ludy, listed hundreds of the Names of Christ found throughout Scripture.** I’ve included just a handful for this blog. Use the Names below as a meditation of who Jesus is and what He is wanting to do in and through your own life. To Him alone be the honor and glory and power forever!


My Jesus. He is…

The Son of the living God,
The first-born of every creature
The Son of the Highest
The Mighty God
The Everlasting God
The True God
God my Saviour
The God of the whole earth
God manifest in the flesh
Emanuel, God with us
The Almighty, which is, and which was, and which is to come
The Creator of all things
The Upholder of all things
The beginning and the Ending
The Alpha and the Omega
The First and the Last
The Life
The Word
The Prophet of Nazareth
A Servant
The Nazarene
The Carpenter
A Stranger and an Alien
A Man of Sorrows
He humbled Himself unto death
The Saviour of the world
The Righteous
The same yesterday, today and forever
The Lamb of God
The Way
The door of the sheep
The Shepherd of the sheep
The Good Shepherd – that laid down His life
The Vine
The Tree of Life
The Bread of Life
The Light
The Light of the world
The Light of men
The Bright and Morning Star
The Strength of the children of Israel
A strength to the poor
A strength to the needy in distress
A refuge from the storm
A covert from the temptest
The Hope of Thy people
A horn of salvation
The Rock
My strong Rock
The Rock of Ages
A shadow from the heat
The Minister of the Sanctuary
The Builder
The Foundation
A Chief Cornerstone

He is the God of Wonders

**These Names were a part of the session entitled “The Name: Like Ointment Poured Forth” – a session from Eric’s Discipleship series. For more about Eric Ludy visit:

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