May you be so kind if I vent for just a moment? What is up with the lack of masculinity, chivalry, gentlemanly character, and Godly honor these days? There seems to be no lack of grotesque-appalling behavior but what about true manhood, true chivalry, true honor and nobility? I refuse to believe such men no longer exist.I see them on rare occasions, not donning metal armour but clothed in love, a heart of service, and a smile. Such men are being shaped at a little school called Ellerslie nestled in Colorado at the base of the Rockies. And for that I am deeply encouraged.

I sit at my favorite locale working on a project and can’t help but notice the way some “men” talk with their wives. How can someone be so uncaring, rude, and bad-mannered? Though to be fair, the way some of the wives talk back is just as revolting. A few moments ago, as a couple sat in their booth, their order number was called. The man glanced at his wife with “a look” and she got up to get their food. Huh? I sat wide-eyed and my mouth hung agape. Are you serious? Perhaps I am becoming more old fashioned in these days but shouldn’t the man smile with true affection at his lovely wife while standing to retrieve their food? I realize it is such a simple thing, and no doubt some will disagree, but I wish the husband across from me would be a man.

Some who read this will no doubt say, “Nathan you are far from living such topics of nobility, chivalry, honor, and valor.” Perhaps this is true my dear reader, but let me quickly assert, that is the life to which I am heading. I may not have the fullness of such a grand-epic-heroic life … YET … but it IS slowly developing within me. And I am recognizing ever more when someone is not living such a life. And it is becoming more and more appalling to this honorable gentleman in the making.

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