Oh that he would kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! For his love is more delightful than wine. The fragrance of his perfume is intoxicating; his name is perfume poured out… Draw me after you; let us run. Oh that the king would draw me away.
Song of Solomon 1.2-4

Many Christians today quickly jump past the deep riches found with the Song of Solomon; and perhaps (maybe) that’s a good thing.* The rabbis of old would not allow their students to read or study the book until they were over thirty years old. Their reasoning? They did not want the students to interpret the book in a physical manner (though I would agree – to a point – with many who say you can find such depth and truth within it). Even before Jesus showed up on the scene, the Jewish rabbis knew this book was a focus on the intimacy and oneness between God and His people. Interestingly, the prince of preachers, Charles Spurgeon, stated that if you combined the Gospels into one book, it would be the Song of Solomon. Perhaps for a few moments, could we too move beyond the mere physical into the truth found within the spiritual realm?

The Song of Solomon is an incredible book looking at the connection, intimacy, and oneness between Solomon and his bride. They are helplessly in love with one another. May we, the Bride of Christ, have such love and intimacy with Jesus! It begins by saying “Oh let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth.” Kissing is all about intimacy. You cannot truly kiss from far away. Kissing requires closeness, trust, familiarity, affection. When couples are frustrated with one another, kissing is usually not at the top of the list of things to do. Kissing, rather, is an expression of love, concern, oneness, joy, and pleasure. What if we began to “smooch” with Jesus? Again, get your mind out of the physical and focus on the spiritual. What if we became so intimate, one, tight, close, experiencing joy, trust, affection, familiarity, and love with Jesus that we too cried out “oh that He would kiss me with the bountiful kisses of His mouth!”

For is not His love far better than wine or any other worldly pleasure? Is not a mere moment in His presence far more delightful than anything the world has to offer (see Psalm 84.10)? Is not His presence intoxicating to the soul? Does not His love ravish you? Even the pronouncement of His Name upon our lips is as perfume spilled forth. Do you realize that as the Bride of Christ we take on His Name? In marriage both the groom and bride give up themselves completely to serve the other person. Yet the woman, even more so than the man, gives up her identity (her “name”) to take upon herself a new name … his. Jesus has given Himself completely on our behalf and we too (the basic understanding of Christianity) give up ourselves on His behalf. Yet more so, we are to lose our identity and bare His Name upon our lives – in short, we take on His character, nature, identity, and life. Jesus and I become one (Christ IN me) and He lives His life through me. Do you recognize what a tremendous privilege and honor it is to bear the Name of God?

Oh that He would draw us ever deeper after Him! Oh that we would run ever deeper into Him! May He draw us away!

Lord I am anticipating, nay, I am ankissipating deeper oneness and intimacy with You. May you draw me ever away into your intoxicating love and presence. Let us run…


*For the record, I would honestly prefer and encourage people to jump head-first into the book and plumb the depths of Christ within its pages!


This post was first published in November 2009, and has been edited, updated, and reposted.

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