Careful. They spit.

Llamas: A rather odd looking pack animal (related to the camel) found in the Andes. These sociable creatures not only have great woolly fleece, they also make excellent watch dogs … err … llamas. I once asked a farmer who had a flock of sheep why he also had a llama in the field. I thought perhaps it was so he had access to unlimited fleece jackets or because he had a childish fetish with The Emperors New Groove. But what he told me surprised me.

“It acts as my watchdog.”

Apparently llamas are highly protective and if an intruder (think foxes and coyotes and bears, oh my!) come within the field, they will put up a fight, try to stomp on the intruder’s head, and run it off. Though usually calm, humble, and benign, they can quickly become bold, daring, and audacious.

I came across a quote the other day that reminded me of these long-necked woolly creatures. AW Tozer said:

Christians should be the boldest people in the world – not cocky and sure of ourselves, but sure of Him.

Okay I agree that the llama illustration is not perfect, but our lives as Christians should be known for humility, gentleness, and peace – no matter the situation we find ourself in. We are not called to be doormats, but we are called to serve, spill, and spend our lives for King and Kingdom. Yet, what if we were also as a bold as a llama? There IS a gentle, meek, and mild side of Christianity … but we are also called to stand for Truth, be willing to lay down our lives, live without any fear or worry, suffer with a smile on our face, and yes, even chase off the wolves that sneak in wearing sheepish outfits.

So may we pray the prayer that Oswald Chambers prayed as a teenager: “Oh God bathe us in humility.” But let us also pray that God would strengthen and embolden us to be the Joshuas, Elijahs, and Pauls who were strong in battle, stood for Truth, and found their position not in themselves but in God, whom they believed would show Himself valiant through their lives.


Question: What characteristic do you desire God to build more fully in you? Answer in the comments below.

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