“The ballgame is coming up.”
–“Well, have fun and good luck!”

“College finals are this week.”
–“Ohhh…well, good luck!”

The way we talk is often interesting when we stop to think about it. I have always been a person who loves to give encouragement and for the past week I’ve been harped upon by my use of “good luck.”For clarification, I don’t use the expression as a magical prophecy, rabbits-foot charm, or four-leaf clover to strum up “luck” on one’s behalf. In fact, I don’t believe in it. Luck relies on chance and coincidence, or better put: fate, destiny, serendipity, karma or any other such “fortune in the stars.” But I don’t buy in. My life is based on Jesus and He is the one who orchestrates the heavens to bring forth His will in my life for His glory.

This morning several of us gathered and discussed the idea of there being no such thing as interruptions. What if interruptions weren’t really interruptions? What if they are events designed by God to bring forth His plan? Jesus seemed to never experience an interruption or inconvenience. Sure, He was interrupted a lot, but every interruption was welcomed as a moment to show forth the Glory of the Father even more. So while it was an interruption it wasn’t an “interruption.” Nothing inconvenienced Him. Every flat tire, every phone call, every person stopping Him to touch and heal was not met with frustration, pointing to the schedule, asked to hurry up with their request. They were embraced. In fact each “interruption” can really be seen as the divine orchestration of God in Jesus’ life. The same is true for us.

What does this have to do with luck? My life is the orchestration of God in my day. There is no chance, coincidence, or inconvenience. There is no luck. So why do I utter “good luck” when I don’t believe in it? Well I don’t have a good answer. It has been a way to say “I’m cheering you on! I’m excited for what is taking place in your life!” But after several usages this week, I’ve been banned. So I’ve come up with a new word that articulates what I’m trying to say while conveying my heart and not betraying my theology.

OPOJ (pronounced “oh-pege”).

“May your day be opoj’d.” In other words, “May your day be Overwhelmed by the Presence Of Jesus.” OPOJ. I needed something short and sweet and while my word may morph in the coming days, I’m sticking with it. So goodbye luck, hello the Presence of Jesus!

“The ballgame is coming up.”
–“Have fun and may it be full of the overwhelming Presence of Jesus!”

“College finals are this week.”
–“Ohhh…..OPOJ upon you!”

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