I was recently listening to Eric Ludy’s sermon entitled Ready and in Position (which I highly encourage you to either watch or download the audio and listen to). While the entire sermon is thought provoking and rather convicting – personally I saw the lack in my own life and my desperate need for Jesus – Eric made a statement that caused my mind to ponder anew a Bible story I’ve heard and spoken about countless times: a boy, an errand, and what became one of the most talked about events in history.

David and Goliath. How many times have we heard those two names? How many times have we talked about the great victory that was won that day on the battlefield?

But here is what was new to me. Sure I read it before but it never “clicked.”

David, as a young man (probably junior high age) was asked by his dad to run an errand and deliver food to his brothers. In David’s mind, that day was like any other, nothing special was on the docket, giants were the furthest thing from his mind. He was heading over to a battlefield to drop off a few morsels to his kin.

When he arrived and saw the “uncircumcised Philistine” mocking the Living God and no Israelite willing to fight, David took on the fight. The special forces of Israel’s army were too scared to fight, but a punk junior higher who knew His God was ready and willing.

Eric Ludy points out in his sermon that David was ready and in position. He had already been tested by a bear and a lion, thus he had confidence and a faith previously proven that his God is victorious. There was nothing to fear because he knew the power of His God.

David woke up that morning and was sent on an everyday errand, and because he lived a life of dependency upon God, he was expectant for whatever God wanted to do in his life. He didn’t haphazardly sit around waiting for God to push him off the couch-like rock he sat on while watching sheep, rather he was primed and ready, vigilant and focused, ready at a moment’s notice to guard and protect his sheep from any invader—he was “ready and in position.”

Listening to the sermon I felt my life was exposed and the Holy Spirit poking at areas of softness that need to be strengthened and transformed. I too need to be in constant readiness for whatever God has for this day. How might He want to use me this day if I was ready and expectant? Perhaps He needs to prepare me now with the lion and bear so that tomorrow He might bring me before a giant and use me to demonstrate His power and lift high His glory.

So what was it that “clicked” while listening to the sermon?

A young man, primed and ready—previously proven by His God—was sent on an errand. He was expectant for what God wanted to do, though he had no idea what lay in store for that day. What took place was not only one of the greatest and memorable days in David’s life but has become one of the most memorable days in all of history. Though they may not fully understand the significance, even most non-Christians have heard of David and Goliath.

It wasn’t an average day. It wasn’t just some errand. Sure, it may have started out that way, but as David lived with expectancy and trust in His God, an average errand became one of the greatest days in history.

What might God want to do today in my life? What errands are on my t0-do list that may end up becoming something more than an errand? Who might God have me encounter at WalMart that through conversation, witnessing, or showing His love to, may cause a life to change, heaven to rejoice, and history to look back and marvel?

Could I live this day with an expectancy and willingness for God to interrupt my task list, schedule, and plans in order to use my life any way He chooses? Granted it may not be history-altering stuff … but then again, maybe it could be.

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