Some time ago I asked a few friends who had been saturating for some time to give some helpful hints for people who are just beginning to dive into the Word of God. Here are two of their responses that may aid you as you continue moving forward into Saturation Bible Study.

The dictionary defines saturation as “a state of maximum impregnation.” Impregnation implies the cause to be filled, imbued, and permeated, or to “permeate thoroughly.” Permeate is defined as “to pass into or through every part of” or “to penetrate through the pores.” It seems that the above descriptions illuminate for us a picture of how we are to be in the Word and allow the Word to “saturate” in us.

Synonyms for saturation are; fullness, engorgement, impregnation, overload, soaking, and superabundance.

There are various “methods” of Bible study such as cultural background, the using of various Bible versions, grammatical outlines, charting, word study, original language of the Old and New Testament, etc. However, it is good to note that any “method” should not be about data but rather a person. It is the person of Jesus that God is revealing in His document which leads us into Truth, revelation, and transformation. The Holy Spirit is our personal Guide, Counselor and Teacher who always leads us into Truth/Jesus.




When I approach a passage of scripture or book I try to find out a few things first.
1.    Who is the author?
2.    Who is the audience?
3.    Why are they writing the book?
4.     I find the verse in Greek or Hebrew words and make an Outline.
5.     I cross reference where the words in the verse occur to see their correct meaning.
6.     The most important part that we must remember is that whether it’s Old Testament or New Testament, Jesus is the center and focal point of it.  So I ask myself in each verse, how does this relate to Jesus and how does it draw me closer to Him?


Question: What helpful hints do you have for Bible Study? Leave them in the comment section below.

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