This selection from Steve Gallagher’s book Standing Firm Through the Great Apostasy is an answer to the great need for every Christian today. We as Christians are suppose to have the answer (Jesus) to life’s darkest problems and people. And the reality is He CAN change and transform even the worst of characters.

With marvelous audacity Christianity steps forward and claims to have the wherewithal to bring about change in the worst of characters. What, but the power of God, can flush the filth out of the heart of a sexual addict and leave innocence and purity in its wake? What else but the Indwelling Spirit can change a hopeless drunk or drug addict into a sober-minded man? Who else but God can transform a thief into man of virtue, a liar into a lover of truth, a mocker into a serious-minded man or an arrogant braggart into a meek lamb? Only God can work such human miracles – but He does do it!

The great need for Christians today is for the invigorating life of God to flow through their beings, enlightening their minds with spiritual truth, purifying their motives, fortifying their convictions, molding their personalities, solidifying their vacillating wills, sweetening their natures, cleansing and renewing their hearts and subduing their flesh. We need to be revitalized and energized by the quickening power of the Holy Spirit.

Can God do this? My testimony is that I have seen it happen countless times in the most hopeless situations. Let the skeptics – both outside and within the Church – line up with their sneering cynicism and faithless denials of God’s power. IF they could but see within the walls of the celestial city, a hundred million saints would step forth with resounding testimonies to the fact that the Almighty converted them from virtual devils into loving saints.

For two millennia Christ has been transforming people from the inside out. HE can, and still does, perform this great work within people’s souls today. The power of God is available for those who will claim it by faith.

Taken from Steve Gallagher’s book Standing Firm Through the Great Apostasy, page 184.

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