Back in 2009, I wrote up a list of 25 random things about myself and posted it on facebook. While a couple of them returned a heated debate, I have all but forgotten about the list until just recently when a friend of mine sent an email commenting on them. Since I never copied the list onto this blog, I thought it might be fun to post it – though it does feel a bit out of sync with the other posts. But perhaps use it as a goofy reprieve from the normal flow of posts.

1) Favorite moments in life: time investing with Godly young men – talking, encouraging, challenging, praying with, uplifting, exhorting, and pursuing epic Godly manhood. You know who you are. Proverbs 27.17

2) Big fan of peanut butter and honey sandwiches.

3) I love water! Ocean, rivers, rain, the sound of it, playing in it, and I tend to always have a waterbottle in hand.

4) Words cannot express how I desperately desire for my life to be marked by the FULLNESS of valor, honor, nobility, chivalry, virtue, righteousness, audacity, bravery, purity, might, majesty, courage, justice, truth, decorum, travail, dignity, unction, regal-ness, humility, propriety, and Jesus’ gut, grit, gusto, growl, goodness, grace, glory, and grandeur evidenced through every thought, deed, attitude, and word.

5) I always read multiple books at the same time, usually five or six. I hop between them throughout the course of the day/week and find it engaging to do so (I also tend to get through books faster because of it). Right now I am in the middle of: The Cross and the Switchblade, The Bible in 90 Days, The Normal Christian Life, Writing Poetry From the Inside Out, EM Bounds on Prayer, Watcher in the Woods, and They Found the Secret.

6) I have written what I call a “non-book, book” on the imagery of Jesus found in Revelation. Its about 100 pages of writing and digital art. Only 20 copies were made. It is not for sale. It is out of print. Perhaps one day it will be re-edited and then Jesus can do with it as He wishes.

7) I love ambience in my room. Plants, pictures, lamps, candles, a fountain flowing with water (see #3), a few bookcases, and the presence of Jesus make up what I call “home.”

8) I love the sound of laughter and giggles … especially that of kids.

9) Junior Mints is the candy of choice.

10) Though I don’t tell too many people, I love the Anne of Green Gables movies.

11) I have a servant’s heart. In fact I find it difficult not to be pouring out myself for others around me.

12) I enjoy being organized.

13) Odd I know, but I find tremendous pleasure in being the first person to stick a knife in a new jar of peanut butter. The first glob of peanut butter out of the jar has become an art… and an immense enjoyment. And it tends to happen rather frequently (see #2).

14) I have a deep passion to see the epic proportions of Godly masculinity and femininity restored in our world.

15) I love smells … a campfire, a rainstorm, springtime, Christmas, my mother’s cooking, hazelnut candles, lavender, the ocean, a cool brisk evening in Fall, a brand new book, really old out-of-print hardbacks, flowers, God, forests.

16) Ever since I was a little kid I have collected notes of titles and concepts of books I would one day like to write.

17) Feasting in the Word and prayer are at the top of my enjoyment.

18) “Being spilled and spent for the Kingdom and King” is the anthem of my life.

19) God continues to move my heart for orphans and human trafficking (amongst other things).

20) It is hard for me to work productively when my back is facing a door or window (I prefer my back to a wall).

21) I love to write and preach.

22) One of the greatest complaints I get from others is that I laugh too loud. But in truth I have several different laughs:

  • a boisterous-hearty laugh tends to come out most often and can be heard within a six mile radius
  • a mild laugh (but I can’t think of why or when this tends to make itself known)
  • the giggle (usually high-pitched and the second most common)
  • the awkward-moment laugh (not sure what else to do but give an awkward chuckle)
  • the under-the-breath cackle (hard to hear but still authentic merriment)
  • and the smile without a vocalized laugh (the laughter is parading in my heart). No matter how it comes forth, I enjoy laughing, smiling, and a heart bursting at its seems with “high spirited fun” (merriment).

23) I have a tattoo on my left wrist that reads “doulos,” which means “slave/servant” in Greek.

24) I fully desire and expect to die a martyr’s death. And I truly think it will happen before I reach 40. [my mom didn’t like this one]

25) I am a warrior-poet in the making. Job 29 is daily becoming the essence of my life.


*Yes – the picture above is me … when I was a kid :)

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