What drives you?  No I am not referring to what vehicle gets you around town – but what is the internal burn that keeps you awake at night, that drives you onward, the thing you hold onto Jesus and refuse to budge until you see happen?  For John Knox it was Scotland; and for him it was a life and death issue.

In the 1500s, a Scottish clergyman, John Knox, was sickened at the state of the church and was so pressed to pray that he cried out to God: “Give me Scotland or I die.”  To Knox, it was either revival or his own death – he was fine with either but God either had to move mightily upon Scotland or slay Knox.  And a great revival swept Scotland.

Perhaps that seems a bit much, a little too radical – and perhaps so.  But what drives you?  What are you agonizing over?  Has God revealed His heart and desire for the world to you? – His desire to save the lost, which according to studies, over 150,000 people die daily without Jesus Christ.  That is 150,000 people EVERY DAY who are going to hell.  What about the 148 million orphans around the world who have no one to care for them, no advocate, and who are seen as little more than gutter rats?  Has He given you a glimpse of the harlotry of His bride (the Church) and His overwhelming desire to purify and cleanse her?

Or are you concerned that your hair wasn’t just right this morning, worrying about the latest gossip of hollywood, unsure about the economy or political agenda – in short, all wrapped up in yourself?

What if we, like Knox, gained a vision far beyond us – a vision and consumption of soul that made us cling unto the King of kings and cry out: “Give me America, lest I die!” or “Use me to save the orphans, or I die!” or “Jesus I refuse to allow 150,000 people die daily without knowing You.  Spill and spend my life for Your glory or just do away with me now!”  What if it was for King and Kingdom, for His glory and renown, that kept us up at night?

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