Have you had Jello lately? You know, the jiggly delectable treat your mom use to make on special occasions?

Ever wonder what Jello would look like if you dropped it and filmed it in slow motion? Maybe not, but I stumbled across this video and caused me to think of the Christian life. Check out the video below and then read my “spiritual insight” beneath it.


My friend Eric Ludy, often says that the Christian life is to be incorrigibly cheerful. Reading through the New Testament, it becomes obvious that we are to “rejoice always” and be joy-filled even in the greatest trial, difficulty, and circumstance. Eric’s illustration is that of a Cheerio in milk—utterly unsinkable.

You push a Cheerio down into the milk and … bloop … it pops back up. Utterly unsinkable.

Watching the Jello in the video made me think a lot of unsinkable Cheerios. It’s amazing how the Jello hits the table, seems to be “squished” but yet bounces back with resilience, joy, and extra jigglyness.

Now I’m not suggesting we make ourselves more jiggly (could get a bit awkward), but a life IN Christ is one where during trials, hardships, and problems—even when it seems we should be “squished”—we bounce up and keep our shape.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see a someone live a life of joy and not anxiety, peace rather than fear, a calm steadfastness without worry? What would we call such an individual? Wouldn’t we say they were a … Christian?!?!

Responding like that isn’t “normal”—which means Jesus is seen because the only explanation for such a life is Him!

Care to get a little jiggly … uh … I mean Jello-like?


Note: I realize this illustration breaks down quickly (no pun intended). I am not suggesting we become like Jello in the sense that it is wishy-washy, can’t pin it to the wall, doesn’t stand for something. In such cases, we as Christians are resolute, steadfast, built upon the solid-concrete foundation of Scripture.



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