At the end of next week (August 29-31, 2014), Ellerslie is hosting the annual Bravehearted Man Conference. Men from all over the nation will gather in Windsor, Colorado for a weekend of exhortation and encouragement. Eric Ludy, the president of Ellerslie Mission Society and the pastor at the Church at Ellerslie, will be giving seven sessions on what it looks like for God to build us as men and how that plays out in our marriages, families, churches, nation, and world.

Regardless of whether you have thought about attending, here are 6 reasons why you should consider signing up to watch the simulcast from the comfort of your home. And if you are a woman, I encourage you to read because number 5 is for you.

1. It will be a life changing experience

I have been to countless conferences over the last two decades, many of them focused on manhood. The Bravehearted Man Conference ranks up as one of my favorites. Eric Ludy is one of the most passionate speakers I have heard, his heart for Godly manhood is invigorating and challenging, and he doesn’t plan to hold anything back next week.

When we launched the conference for the first time this past January, several hundred men in Colorado and many more watching the simulcast saw what manhood could be. Lives were changed, marriages were made stronger, churches were transformed. While there will be completely new content this conference, the heart and focus is the same.

Eric will be teaching on what it looks like for God to build a man – a man in whom the Spirit of God dwells. This won’t be what you can do to dust yourself off and make yourself look better; it will be what God wants to transform in your life, marriage, and family … what He wants to do in and through you.


2. You get to access the online session videos for two months after the event

The event will be streamed live online (for those who sign up) August 29-31. You can participate in the worship and sessions as they happen … but if you can’t make it work next week, you have access to the sessions online to watch anytime (and as often as you’d like) between the conference weekend and the end of October.


3. You can participate anywhere in the world, in the comfort of your home, for a far cheaper price

Rather than having to come out to Colorado, imagine logging online and watching the event live (or at your convenience in the next two months) in the comfort of your own home. Not only would you save money on hotels, travel, etc, the cost for the simulcast is already cheaper than the live event ($79). You can watch the sessions as often as you want, you can invite other men to join you, you can even host a large event at your church if you so choose.


4. You get to participate in something far bigger than yourself (gain a vision for Godly manhood)

This is not some “beat your chest and moan the problems of manhood” conference. This is lifting up Jesus Christ and allowing the Word of God to bring clarity to what manhood is suppose to be. This is submitting ourselves to the Truth of Scripture and allow the Spirit of God to enable us to be men as men ought to be in this generation. We are not interested in the “burping-scratching” version of manhood, we want to catch the vision for Godly, honorable, valiant, strong, humble, not-focused-on-self-but-pouring-our-lives-out-for-others manhood. You should join us.


5. If you are a woman, this could still be for YOU

Though this conference is geared specifically for men, we had several groups of ladies who got together during the last men’s conference and watched the simulcast. You will have to translate some of the concepts into the realm of femininity, but the heart of the conference is focused on the Word of God, and therefore, truth is truth regardless of whether you are male or female. If you want something to push you in your faith, this might be a good option. And if you are a woman, I would encourage you to suggest your husband, father, brothers, and male friends to watch.


6. If you signup between now and this Sunday (August 24), you can receive 10% off

We would love to see you participate in this event, and as such, deeperChristian is willing to help cover a portion of your registration. If you sign up between now and Sunday night, you can receive 10% off the cost of the simulcast by using the special discount code: DEEPERCHRISTIAN. Sign up for the simulcast, enter the code, and save 10%.

If you’d like more information about the Bravehearted Man Conference, visit the conference page here.

If you’d like to signup and register for the simulcast, click here.

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