This week I am speaking at a Junior High camp in Michigan – so while I am away here is a guest post by my friend Stephen Manley looking at Saturation Bible Study through the lens of being attracted to Jesus (which goes back to the purpose of Bible study).


I am strongly attracted to Jesus.  There is something about Him alluring me into His presence.  I am drawn like metal to a magnet, a fly to honey, or hunger to food.  I cannot stay away from Him.  It is so strong you might call it an addiction, only with positive results.  I cannot conceive of living one moment without His presence.  Why would I want to?  Let me attempt to explain:

His protection                        surpasses                  any bodyguard

His guidance                          clarifies                     all my involvements

His insights                           give vision                 to the needs of others

His mercies                            eliminate                   revenge toward others

His forgiveness                     compels                     forgiving others

His love                                   blockades                  hate

His peace                                calms                         every upset

His consistency                    assures                       my uncertainties

His holiness                          pulls me                     to goodness

His wisdom                           surrounds me           in all confusions

His embrace                          challenges me          to know more

His attitude                            draws me                   to everything positive

His emotional stability       creates                        a foundation for living

His wholeness                      convinces me            I am complete in Him

His countenance                  fills me                        with light

His resurrection                   allows me                   to live abundantly

His serenity                           shares                          rest to my soul

His boundaries                     will not                        let me stray

His crucifixion                      declares                       He loves me

His Lordship                         defends me                  from all harm

His authority                          shrinks                        all obstacles

His generous heart               grants me                    every good thing

His penetrating eyes            reveal                            all hidden things

His discernment                    erases                           confusion

His power                                gives                             confidence

His grace                                 embraces me               in my failures


Why does He attract me? I was made for Him!

I cannot live without Him; why would I want to try?


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