2015 Bravehearted Men’s Conference – Promo.


Each year Ellerslie hosts an incredible conference for men called the Bravehearted Man Conference. Men of all ages from across North America will gather in Windsor, Colorado to worship, fellowship, get into the Word, and seek Jesus. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider attending and a bonus reason for women to send the men in their lives.


1. A Time Away to Focus

One of the great benefits of a conference is that it allows you to escape normal life and go somewhere for purposeful focus. I absolutely love conferences for this reason. I enjoy going to new places, meeting people who can teach me new things, and getting “off the grid” for a couple days to be intentional in my walk with Christ.

The Bravehearted Man Conference is a single weekend at the start of the summer to give you purpose and clarity in your life as well as practical tools how to live out the Christian life as a man of God.


2. A Time of Powerful Preaching

While you can study Scripture on your own (and you should), there is something powerful about having an outside voice speaking truth in your life. Coming under the preaching of sound Godly men has been a rich blessing in my life—and the Bravehearted Man Conference has one of my favorite preachers (Eric Ludy) who will be exhorting us to follow hard after Jesus Christ.


3. A Time to Get Grounded

As men, we must become men of the Word. We must be men who find our truth, authority, understanding, position, wisdom, character, focus, and life from the Bible. We don’t turn within ourselves for wisdom and life, we must turn to God’s Word. It is the foundation that must be built in each of our lives. This year’s Bravehearted Man Conference is focused primarily upon Scripture—with the theme The Courageous Stand: Gaining a Sure Footing Upon the Word of God.


4. Why Women Should Send Their Husbands, Sons, Brothers, and Friends

I admit, the state of modern manhood is in need of a major transformation. And rather than complaining about the sad state of masculinity, women should be championing and encouraging the men in their lives to pursue Christ and seek revival and transformation first and foremost in their own personal lives. We need women to come alongside and encourage men toward Christ rather than criticize, condemn, nit pick, gossip, insult, or give up on Godly manhood returning to the stage of time. As such, this is a great conference to encourage the men in your life to come to as a first step into the endless frontier of God’s transforming grace.



You don’t have to come to Colorado to participate in the conference—you can stream the entire event at home on your computer. You can learn more and register for this conference by visiting the Bravehearted Man Conference webpage.

And for you ladies, there is a life changing woman’s conference the week prior to the men’s conference.

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