Something has been lost.

Majesty. It certainly isn’t a term that is heard nowadays but the concept contains that which is regal, grand, stately, beautiful. When you view the Rocky Mountains, they are majestic. When you view a bull elk up close and personal, it takes your breath away.

The Church has lost its majesty. It has become smallish in focus and forgot that we serve the Creator of the universe, the King of kings and Lord of lords. Sure we talk about it, but do we live with this reality?

And sadly, manhood has lost majesty. True Godly manhood is something that is regal, grand, stately, and dare I say it, even beautiful to behold. It has noble strength given to help the weak. It is not inward focused but constantly pouring outward. It is kind and gentle yet strong and protective against anything that comes against what God values.

What we need is for majesty to return – in manhood, in our churches, in our lives.

This August (2014), men from all over the world will be gathering for such a purpose.

The Bravehearted Man Conference

This past January, Ellerslie Mission Society launched its first “Bravehearted Man Conference” with pastor Eric Ludy. Several hundred men came together in Windsor, Colorado and several hundred more watched via simulcast to listen to powerful messages on what it means to believe the Word, pour our lives out for the lost and weak, and be called up to a new standard as men.

Well this conference has officially found its new home in August and thus we will be returning to Colorado for this year’s theme: Majesty Returned.

A brand new conference. Men who desire to see Jesus return to the forefront of our lives and churches. A conference focused not on ourselves but upon Christ and Him crucified. A gathering of men to see what it would look like for majesty to return to manhood and the church.

This isn’t a “beat your chest and cover your face with mud” men’s conference. This is for those who are serious about Jesus and desire to live as Godly men in this dark age. It will be a time of honor, focus, diving into the Word, laughter, fellowship, and above all, knowing Christ and making Him known.

Are you in?

Learn more by visiting the official Bravehearted Man website.

Can’t make it to Colorado? Consider joining us via simulcast from your computer.

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