We all face hardships, difficulties, and trials.

For some it’s financial. Others experience health related circumstances. Perhaps it’s family, or work, or the compounding effects of them all.

Walking through such a season in my own life this past year, I am convinced of one thing – through it all, God’s mercy and lovingkindness invades every trial and hardship.

I’ve spent a lot of time as of late thinking upon and studying the concept of “hesed” in the Bible.

Hesed is a peculiar word in that it is translated into dozens of English words (such as: love, kindness, loving-kindness, steadfast love, faithfulness, mercy, favor, grace, goodness, covenant friendship, amongst many more) … but the undercurrent of the word is that I receive something I don’t deserve.

Throughout Scripture, God reminds us that He is Hesed and that His Hesed endures forever (see Exodus 20:6; 34:6-7; 1 Chronicles 16:34; Lamentations 3:21-23; Psalm 136).

I’ve been reminded that whether we are facing a great season or a difficult one, God’s Hesed endures, it doesn’t end, it is new every morning. 

If you are going through a good period, praise Jesus! His Hesed endures forever! 

If you are struggling and facing the pressures of life, praise Jesus! He has not left you alone, His mercy, grace, goodness, faithfulness, and love hasn’t failed … in fact, you get to experience His Hesed in a richer way than when things are easy.

I think one reason why Jesus tells us not to fret, worry, or fear is because when we know Who He is and the attributes of His character, there is no space for the worry or fear. If we truly understood that our God is Hesed and that His Hesed endures forever, how could we ever fret or be anxious about the circumstances we find ourselves in?

So will you experience the Hesed of our Lord afresh today?

I’m cheering you on unto that end!

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