When I was in Kentucky several years ago for school, I found myself at WalMart. A lot. Being 1700 miles from home inhibits the normal comforts of mom’s cooking, familiar faces, and the loving punch-in-the-arm from my brother. Ironically (or alarming), I found a warm solace in the aisles of Wallyworld. Don’t get me wrong, I try to limit my superstore interaction. But having the one thing in Kentucky I also had back home, I found a relief walking around on a busy or hectic day.

Since those days of WalMart wanderings, I have found reprieve in Zaxbys – a chicken locale similar to Chic-fila-a. A mixture of environment, the staff, and the phenomenal food has kept me coming back. In fact, I have made it my “office,” much like a person does with Starbucks. It occurred to me today, while sitting in my favorite spot, that I often retreat to my “chicken coop” whenever my schedule brews hectic or I am in need of the “home away from home” sentiment.

Psalm 32.7 declares: You are my hiding place! What if Jesus became our sole retreat, our single reprieve, our only resting place? What if He was our home, our joy, our comfort and peace in the midst of chaos and busyness? Dare we even suggest, with the utmost respect, could He be the greatest of comforts – our mashed potatoes and gravy, our warm blanket, our cup of coffee (or tea)? If He became like our Starbucks, our Zaxsbys, or yes, even our Walmart wanderings? What if we looked to no other person or place but Him? Is Jesus truly our everything?

I want to rush deeper into Him after a long day. I want to find my energy and strength in Him. I want to discover the will and plan for my life in who He is. I want Him to be my single focus. I want him to be my comfort, balm, and reprieve during the hardest moments. I want Him, as He said Himself, to gather me “as a hen gathers her chicks under her wing” (Matthew 23.37). And I find, if I would but surrender and respond, He longs to be all that and more in my life. In fact, He desires to be my life. So shall I not ask you – Who brings you the comforts of home?

If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word, and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our HOME with him. | John 14.23

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