Picture I took sitting at the Lake of Ellerslie looking at the sunset going down over the Rocky Mountains

Last week I sat at the foot of the Rockies, looking across a quiet lake, watching the sun set. As the sun fell below the horizon in hushed stillness, I was captivated by its splendour, radiance, and majesty. I can hardly take in such a simple yet overwhelming pronouncement of the greatness of God without my mouth dropping in awe, the corners curving into a smile, and a whispered “wow” being uttered.

In fact, it is difficult to keep such enthusiasm and awe bottled up inside. As my friend Eric said several times while I was enjoying the richness of Jesus in the beauty of the Rockies: “When you truly behold the greatness, glory and grandeur of God, it is impossible to hold yourself back from worship.” It’s true. Isaiah saw the LORD high and lifted up with the train of His vesture filling the Temple – and Isaiah had to fall down in worship and repentance. Moses caught but a glimpse of God’s glory in a bush and he marveled. David put his worship to Psalm and song. Samson put his to fight. Even the twenty-four elders who sit before God in Revelation fall on their faces and worship God.

When was the last time you worshiped? I’m not referring to going to church and singing songs with halfhearted interest. I mean real worship. When was the last time you truly beheld Jesus in His greatness, glory, and grandeur and could do nothing but worship? David writes that the heavens declare the praise and honor that is due (Psalm 19.1). Jesus told the Pharisees if His followers stopped worshiping, the rocks and stones would take their place (Luke 19.40). Isaiah writes that the mountains and hills are breaking forth into singing and the trees are clapping their hands (Isaiah 55.12). Will you not join in the worship?

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