I’ve been listening to an audio Bible in the mornings as I get ready for the day — it’s a great way to take my foggy-just-woke-up mind and intentionally fix my eyes upon Jesus.

While I may not catch everything I hear the first time through, as I go through the Word over and over, I find that my mind becomes saturated with Scripture, and God’s Word deepens in my heart and soul.

This morning as I finished the Old Testament, I was freshly struck by how everything is building to a single point … Jesus.

There is a yearning, a cry, a desperate plea for redemption throughout the Old Testament. 

Having finished reading the prophets, there is a longing for the coming Messiah and His restoration and redemption. He is the sole solution they desperately needed.

And nothing has changed. 

Jesus is STILL the sole solution WE desperately need.

We don’t need a particular political leader, or a certain economic or environmental agenda. We need Jesus.

In the Old Testament, there was an ardent desire for the Messiah … yet, in our day, though we have Him and His indwelling Spirit, I think the modern church takes Him for granted.

Jesus becomes an add-on to our lives, rather than the focus and center of it. We treat Him as our emergency “phone a friend” or get out of hell card or a mystical rabbit’s foot for good luck … rather than as King, Lord, and Savior.

The Old Testament all led to a single point: Jesus.

Is that true in my life?

Is it true in yours?

I pray that Jesus becomes your all in all—that an intense passion and desperation for Him bubbles forth in your life.

Don’t add Jesus to your life. He is to be your life.

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