I have often been told that you can know someone’s priorities if you look at their checkbook and their calendar. How someone spends their time and money reveals what is important in their life. I’ve also discovered that if you listen to what someone talks about most, you’ll uncover their focus and obsession.


Everyone has an obsession. For some it may be their job, for others it may be their family, still for others it may be drugs, alcohol, hobbies, working out, or a thousand other things.

This past weekend was Super Bowl XLVIII (48 for those who don’t remember their Roman numerals). And without meditating on who won or lost (sorry Denver), if you step back you see a culture who is obsessed.

It has been reported that Americans spend more than 1 billion dollars on food for the Super Bowl. This includes $40 million on pretzels, $184 million on potato chips, and $12 million on rice cakes (rice cakes for the Super Bowl??). Every 30-second commercial running during the Super Bowl costs an average of $4 million. And historically, the Super Bowl is the most watched television event of the year.

Bfg9UWdCQAIwPBZI also heard a report of a daring (foolish?) guy who got a tattoo back in August 2013, declaring the SeaHawks the winner of this year’s Super Bowl (I’m sure he is glad they won, otherwise can you say “awkward”).

While I’m not condemning the Super Bowl or those who watch it, you do have to admit we Americans love our football to the point where you could call it “obsession” (I mean, who spends $12 million on rice cakes if you’re not obsessed?).

Ok, maybe football isn’t your thing. But what is? What are YOU obsessed about? What do you get offensive about when someone criticizes “your thing”? What do you spend time, money, and focus on?

Now let me ask you another question: How does your obsession compare to your Bible study? Are you more obsessed with cars, money, family, friends, hobbies, and other activities than you are with spending time in the Word?

How obsessed are you with Jesus? The reason we study the Bible is to know Jesus – not just learn facts about Him but to know Him. Your spiritual health is in part determined by your time in prayer and Bible study. We’re not talking legalism and “have to,” we are talking about why wouldn’t you “want to”? Opening your Bible and allowing the Spirit of God to reveal Truth to you as He draws you into greater intimacy with Himself should be not only our delight but also our obsession.

When’s the last time you spent time reading and studying Scripture? Would someone look at you and declare “you are obsessed!”?

What are you obsessed about? If it is not Jesus and knowing Him more through His Word, I would push back on you (i.e.: step on your toes) and question whether or not you’re really a Christian. A husband delights in and desires to spend time with his wife. The same is true with the Christian – they delight in and desire greater intimacy with Christ.

Were you more excited about the Super Bowl starting than you were about waking up and spending time today with the King of kings and Lord of lords in His Word?

What are you obsessed with?

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