This month we are giving away two copies of How to Live the Victorious Christian Life. Why? you may ask. First off it is one of my favorite books and it is difficult to find in bookstores since it appears to be out of print. Secondly, it is at the heart of deeperChristian – taking the Christian life to the next level, living in victory and triumph, being sourced by the Spirit, living in rich intimacy with Jesus – often termed the Victorious Christian Life, the Exchanged Life, the Deeper Christian Life, the Spirit-led Life, or the Narrow Way of the Cross.

Here is a short sampling from the book:

The Victorious Life is simply a life fully surrendered to God, with Christ dwelling within and in complete control – a life in which the only desire is to bring glory to Jesus Christ. It is the only truly happy life, yet Christians refuse to enter in, lest their lives should be made miserable!

Some Christians are monstrosities. They are no more like Christ twenty years after their conversion than they were when they began the Christian life.

But let us be quite clear as to what the Victorious Life is…. Take the question of bad temper or irritability. Many Christians pride themselves on the fact that they exercise such self-control that their temper “never gets the better of them.” By this they mean that they never show it. Now the Victorious Life is not one which merely makes our outward actions right. It is a life which gives victory in the inner realm of the heart, so that our very desires are right. To want to do wrongful things and to restrain from doing them is not real victory. The wonderful thing is that God takes the “want to” out of our very hearts, and we long only to do His will.

The best test of all is in the matter of love. Do we love our “enemies” – those who despitefully use us or persecute us? Do we nevertheless love them? What is your first feeling when men injure you or oppose you? Is it a spontaneous outflowing of love towards them? Or do we first find it necessary to shoot up an urgent, earnest prayer that we may love them, and may not feel resentment? Do we eagerly welcome opposition, unkindness, rudeness, discourtesy (and suchlike) towards us, as opportunities of showing that the love of Christ is filling our hearts? It is in small matters we are tested.

Have you embraced such a life? Do you live in victory and triumph? It is only found in the Person of Jesus. Would you cling to Him all the tighter and press in to Him all the more today?

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to sign up to win a copy of the book.

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