Well it’s finally here!

A solution to your inbox clutter! Okay, I don’t have a magic fix for that, but I do have a help.

A few hundred people have already signed up to receive updates from deeperChristian in their inbox (thanks!). Some have chosen to receive the blog posts, others the daily quotes, and some both. deeperChristian book reviews are in the pipeline and should be coming in the next month (there is an email option for that too).

If you sign up for everything mentioned above, you end up with ten or so emails a week from us. While we greatly appreciate your email involvement, we realize that not everyone wants to be bombarded with that many emails (I don’t).

Now there is a solution!

The Weekly Digest.

Each Saturday from here on out, the Weekly Digest will be hand delivered (sorta) to your inbox. In it will have everything deeperChristian in ONE handy email (blog posts, quotes, book reviews, and maybe an occasional bonus). See, no more clutter!

Want a peak at what it will look like? Here is a PDF sample of what you can look forward to.

Our Promise

I hate spam more than most people and usually delete email subscriptions as soon as I can. So here is our promise: you can always unsubscribe at any point and if you sign up for any of our email subscriptions, we will never share your e-mail address with anyone else. We want the deeperChristian email to cause excitement like a gift from a friend in your inbox. In fact …

1304MurrayFor the next week, everyone who is subscribed to one of our email newsletters (blog, quotes, book reviews, or weekly digest) will automatically be entered to win a copy of Andrew Murray’s Essential Works. This massive (1400+ pages) tome contains 12 of Murray’s books. We gave a copy away a few months ago in our monthly book giveaway and I had an extra copy and want to give it to one of our friends who has subscribed. What are you waiting for? … subscribe! The drawing will take place on October 15 (I will email the winner and announce it in the comments to this post).

Subscribe … or Change?

Want to subscribe to one of the newsletters? You can do so here. Just enter your email and check which newsletter email you want. Easy right?!?!

Already subscribed and want the Weekend Digest? You can either:

1. Send an email (or hit reply if you got this post in your email) to dc@deeperChristian[dot]com. You don’t even have to say anything in the email (unless you want to), I’ll know you want to switch your subscription to the new Weekly Digest (note, I will remove you from whatever you are currently subscribed to and sign you up for the Weekly Digest unless you tell me otherwise).

2. You can change your preferences by going to the bottom of your current email and choose “update subscription preferences” (see pic below). Check or uncheck the boxes you want and save it by clicking the blue “Update Profile” button at the bottom.

 WeekendDigest Change


I have only had the privilege of meeting a handful of you who read the deeperChristian posts. And yet I would consider each of you a friend. Those of us who radically pursue Jesus are truly a tribe of friends. Even if we have never formally met, we have the same Holy Spirit living within each of us.

I know we each have busy lives. But I want to personally say thank you for graciously giving time to be a part of the deeperChristian community. Know I am prayerfully cheering you on ever deeper into Jesus.

Participate in the Community

We would love to hear from you. Below each post is a comment section where we can engage in dialog and “comfort each other and edify one another, just as you also are doing” (1 Thessalonians 5.11). In short, it is a place for community to happen. I encourage you to participate as you can.

Question: What questions, concepts, or ideas would you like addressed at deeperChristian? Have any suggestions on how we can serve you and make things better? Leave a comment in the section below.

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