If you haven’t joined in the Jesus Pusher fun, or even heard about it – Stephen Manley releases a weekly email called the Jesus Pusher. The whole intent is to declare that life should be all about Jesus – with Jesus alone at the center, focus and attitude of one’s life – in essence, what we have to offer others is (you guessed it) . . . Jesus!Thus Stephen is a Jesus Pusher. This week was the release of Jesus Pusher #32 and it hit me profoundly this evening, so I thought I’d pass it along to you. May we all become individuals full of Jesus, offering people nothing else but Him.

Jesus Pusher 32
by Stephen Manley

I am a Jesus pusher!!! I feel like Charles Wesley who wrote, “Oh, for a thousand tongues to sing my dear Redeemer’s praise!” I have only one tongue and it shall be used exclusively to push Jesus. How could I ever speak of anything else as a solution to life except Him? I desire a thousand hands to raise in praise to His name. I have only two; they shall both be lifted constantly in His honor. I wish I had a thousand hands to do service for His glory. I have only two hands; they shall both be filled with His presence to be used for His glory. I crave a thousand feet to run throughout the world to speak His fame. I have only two feet; they shall be constantly available for His specific use. I will not be allured by size of crowd or the prestige of the group. I will not allow compensation to determine my location.

I am a Jesus pusher!!! He alone will be the inspiration of the message. A crowd of few will receive the same message with the same fervor as a crowd of thousands. The truth as sharp as a two-edged sword will come forth for those of power as well as for those of low status. The poor will see the same Jesus in my life as the rich. This is not about them; it is about Him. He is the same. May those who are repulsive know Jesus; let those who are attractive know Jesus. May the talented know Jesus; those who are without talent must know Him. The kings and the servants must both bow before Him. He is great enough to command the attention of everyman. If the demons leap at His voice, every individual must listen. If nature grows calm at His speaking, every heart must cease beating when He approaches. All the time, in every situation, with all available resource, with the entire fervor of my being I am a Jesus pusher!!!

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